Changes log:

  • 06th August 2023 – New emission for 2024 edition

Flipper Triathlon (an Italian Sport Events Organization), is launching eagleXman triathlon, an extreme race at Gran Sasso area based on long distances: 3800 meters swimming, 180 km road-biking and 42 km running.

This regulation is an integral part of the registration and defines the main points relating to participation at the race.

Each participant undertakes to accept the following regulations by completing the online registration form, and consequently giving their consent on it.

The organization keeps the right to make changes to the regulations.


Only and exclusively athletes who have reached 20 years of age can participate at the event.

The participant must be aware that participation in the event requires a huge physical effort.

All those who, after completing and signing the registration form available on the WEBSITE, are registered for the year 2024 the FITRI (Italian Triathlon Federation) starting from the S1 category or for other International Triathlon Federations can participate at eagleXman.

If not belonging to any Federation, we only accept athletes that are in compliance with a valid Italian Medical Certification recognised for racing in Triathlon and will sign up for the FITRI Daily Membership (30 €) – due to the difficulty it may occur to make a medical visit in Italy, we strongly suggest to purchase an annual membership in your country (also USA Triathlon memberships are accepted).

  • WETSUIT: The wetsuit is mandatory for the swimming course. Participants without a wetsuit will not be allowed to start the race.
  • BICYCLE: it can be used both road and Time Trial bike.
  • WHEELS: all types of wheels are allowed including the lenticular wheels.
  • The eagleXman is a NO-DRAFT race, referees can apply a stop-and go card if an athelte is caught in drafting.
  • DISQUALIFICATIONS: The referee reserves the right, at any time, to stop or disqualify the participants, if at its own discretion, for either safety reasons or any other unproper participants conduct at the event or any other reason. No reimbursement will be due if the Participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with intentional misconduct, without due care and attention towards the Event or the other participants, such as to cause his removal / disqualification.
  • EXCEPTIONS: In case you have a different material than the mandatory and/or required one (for example, a sleeveless wetsuit), it is possible to request permission from the RACE REFEREE to compete under an exception to the regulations. The RACE REFEREE will grant approval after checking the meteorological/environmental conditions.
  • RULES OF THE ROAD: The road is not closed to any other vehicle. All competitors must compulsorily observe the rules established by the Italian Road Law. During the cycling session the road traffic will NOT be controlled, so it is the responsibility of each participant to pay the highest level of attention, drive safe and cope with the rules of the road.
  • REGISTRATION: Race material collection including BIB must only be done by the athlete registered for the competition the day before the event. BIBs will not be delivered on the day of the event.
  • A safety check up by the referee and the doctor in T2 is mandatory before starting the last 6km


  • A support team is mandatory;
  • Entry into the transition area is allowed only for one accompanying person at a time, equipped with a bib. If the support team is organized with multiple accompanying persons, handovers between them must take place outside the transition area;
  • At the end of the swim course all the given material has to be collected by the support team;
  • For the entire bike course, the support car is optional but highly suggested. The athlete who does not have a support car in tow must have all the material, both food, bike repair and clothing, with him/her.
  • For the run course, a support person is mandatory on the final stretch from Fonte Cerreto (km 36) to Campo Imperatore where the finish line is located.

For swimming, the wetsuit is mandatory. Neoprene caps, gloves and socks are not allowed by the FITRI regulations and not necessary considering the average seasonal water temperature of the lake.

For the bike course, the following are mandatory: rear light, GPS tracker (provided by the organization), full of charge mobile phone, approved helmet and BIB clearly visible from the rear, food, beverage, waterproof jacked and tyre repairing kit.

For the last 6km of the running course, both the athlete and the support person are required and mandatorily to wear or put in the bag the required material:

  1. Waterproof * and breathable ** windbreaker with hood, suitable for bad weather conditions in the mountains (GoreTex material highly recommended; * minimum 10,000 mm of water column; ** RET less than 13)
    • – the jacket must necessarily have an integrated hood
    • – the seams must be watertight
    • – the jacket must not have parts with permeable fabric [The athlete decides, according to his own criteria, if his jacket complies with the regulations and therefore suitable for bad weather in the mountains; in any case, in the event of checks, only the employees of the organization will be able to decide.]
  2. Long-sleeved thermal shirt
  3. Long Pants
  4. Thermal hat or Buff
  5. Working headlamp
  6. Mobile phone, which guarantees autonomy of at least 15 hours: the runner must be reachable at any time before, during and after the race.
  7. GPS tracker provided by the organization
  8. Reusable cup (glasses will NOT be given to run refreshments)
  9. Water reserve
  10. Food reserve
  11. Survival sheet
  12. Whistle

The athlete’s mandatory equipment can also be transported by the support person.

Further information on the equipment:

  • Complete bike clothing change recommended
  • Front bike light recommended (rear one is mandatory)
  • Bike gloves (recommended)
  • Thermal gloves for final 6km of the run course (recommended)
  1. GATES (maximum times)
  • Maximum swimming time 2 hours
  • Maximum time lap swimming + cycling 12 hours
  • Maximum time to pass the check-point at Fonte Cerreto to start the last uphill to the finishline: 09:30 PM
  • Maximum time to arrive at the finish line at 00:30 of 21st July 2024

The management of the race reserves the right to modify the route at its own discretion for reasons related to improving the road system and the safety of the athletes. Any changes will be promptly reported to the athletes and on the event website.

The organization reserves the right to reduce or limit access to the routes during the race in the event of adverse weather conditions.


Registrations can be made online at the following link:


The athlete is registered only if he completed the registration procedure and the following payment either via credit car or by bank transfer (within 5 days from the date of registration) to the following IBAN:


BPER Banca Popolare Emilia Romagna
IBAN: IT07L0538713504000042053969

To obtain definitive confirmation of your registration it is mandatory to have made the payment within 10 days after registration.

After 10 days, the athlete will not be entitled to have its own BIB# or to maintain the quota in force at the time of registration.

Online registrations will be open until the maximum number of registered athletes set at 100 participants is reached, and in any case no later than 24.00 on 12 July 2024, after this date it will no longer be possible to register.

The registration fee is fixed in

€. 350.00 1 to 30 registrants or until 31.12.2023

€. 375.00 31 to 60 registrants or from 1.01.2024 until 31.03.2024

€. 400.00 61 to 100 registrants or from 1.04.2024 until 12.07.2024

Cancelation: the participant that for any reason can’t join the 2024 race can posticipate the registration to the 2025 edition whitin 23.59 of 30.06.2024, it is also possible to opt for a total registration price refunding (bank commissions excluded) whitin 23.59 of 31.03.2024. To chose the race cancelation, please, write an e-mail to After the mentioned dates the raceoffice will not answer to the requests.

The registration fee includes:

  • Race pack consisting of a backpack and a cycling jersey
  • Athlete race bib
  • Supporter team race bib
  • adhesive kits, bike, helmet, bags, support car
  • Swimcap
  • Timing Chip
  • 2 credentials for food pasta parties at the Ostello “Lo Zio” refuge
  • 2 vouchers for lunch during award ceremony
  • 2 vouchers one way for the way back cable car

The timing will be carried out by an Official Timer with technology based on the use of “timing-chip”. Each participant will be provided with a timing chip, which must be returned at the end of the race. Personnel will be in charge of collecting the chips and checking their status. In case of non-return, € 30.00 will be charged. The timing chip is provided by a neoprene anklet to be positioned on either right or left leg. Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-attribution of the official race time.

Please note: the aim of this race is not to finish first, but to live an extraordinary experience! The ranking has to be considered as a finisher list. 


During the awards ceremony each finisher will be awarded. Each participant will be personally called to collect their prize.


The use of ambulances with doctors and nurses is foreseen, any further information will be communicated at the race briefing


For the BIKE course nr. 01 refreshment point at km 65.

The support car will only be able to supply the athlete with the car in stationary position and parked in safe points, any transgression will result in immediate disqualification of the athlete.

For the RUN course, several refreshment points where food and drinks will be provided to the athlete and additional tap water points .

All the refreshment points will be communicated to the athlete in the race briefing.


In case of non-participation, the registration fee paid will not be returned.

It is possible to TRANSFER your registration to the next edition no later than June 30th, 2024. In this way, the sum paid for registration will be kept valid for the following year edition, with a charge of € 20.00 for administrative stuff.

It is also possible to transfer the registration to another person by sending an email to with full details of assignee to be entered

The registration moved to the following year is automatic.

The registration moved to the following year is not transferable to third parties.


After the 30th of June 2024 at 23:59 is not possible to make any replacement or any other request whatsoever


If the race has to be cancelled, the participation fee will be refunded by deducting only 25 Euro fees for administrative stuff. Alternatively, the registration may be moved to the following year edition.

In the event that the race is cancelled and / or postponed to another date, or in any case, not carried out due to force majeure and / or reasons not attributable and / or not related to the Organization itself, including the revocation of the authorization to carried out by the competent public bodies, the applicant will have nothing to claim from the Organizing Committee, neither for the return of the registration fee, nor as a reimbursement of any expense incurred or to be incurred. The submission of the registration application has the value of acceptance of this clause and express waiver of any claim resulting from the cancellation and / or postponement of the race.


Friday the 19th of July 2024

POSITION: LAT 42.4261623, 13.5272450


From 15.00 to 18.30 Registration and race packs collection in Fonte Cerreto (AQ).

From 18:30 to 19:15 Mandatory briefing in Italian in Fonte Cerreto (AQ).

From 19:15 to 20:00 Mandatory briefing in English in Fonte Cerreto (AQ)

Saturday the 20th of July 2024

POSITION: LAT 42.5282208, LON 13.3688218


04:00 am Transition area opening for bike delivery, and bike equipment check.

04:45 am Transition area closes

05:00 am START

07:00 am CUTOFF T1 IN

05:00 pm CUTOFF T2 IN

09:30 pm CUTOFF last 6km

00:30 am CUTOFF Finishline

Sunday the 21st of July 2024

POSITION: LAT 42.4261623, 13.5272450


11:00 am Awards ceremony in Fonte Cerreto AQ

The event closing lunch will follow.


Race pack collection subject to the delivery of copy of the registration receipt and an identity document.

The race pack can also be collected by third parties by presenting a copy of the registration form.


Pursuant to italian law in therm of privacy (“Consolidated Privacy Act”) we inform you that the personal data collected will be used only to prepare the list of participants, the ranking and the historical archive , to provide the services of the event, to send information or advertising material of the “eagleXman” or its partners.

By registering for the “eagleXman”, the athlete expressly authorizes the organizers, together with the media partners, to use the fixed or moving images, in which he may have been filmed during his participation in the competition on all media, including promotional and / or advertising materials, all over the world and for all the maximum time provided for by the laws, regulations, treaties in force, including any extension that may be made to the envisaged period.